UAB "Viskas iš metalo" was established in 2017. Since then, we have started providing the highest quality welding services to Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Cooperation with EWM

In 2019 we became representatives of professional equipment EWM in Lithuania. We installed new professional equipment to our factory and gave others the opportunity to purchase it as well. Now we provide technical consultations and, if necessary, provide training on how to use the equipment, as well as provide technical service.

New production plant

In 2020, the company settled in renovated production facilities, which occupy 1500 sq.m. We expanded our activities and purchased a KUKA robot, a laser welding machine, and professional welding tables.

EXC3 certificate

In 2021, the company was approved by EXC3 requirements in accordance with EN 1090-2:2018 and received certificates.

About us

We are a growing and constantly improving team of professionals who help clients and partners implement from the simplest to the most complex metalworking projects.


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We professionally work with all types of welding (laser, robotic, TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA, gas). We weld all types of steel, cast iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals;


We provide: 
- metal turning services
- metal milling services 
- metal drilling services 
- metal threading services 
- metal profile and sheet rolling services


We provide repair welding services. Also we offer professional restoration of missing or broken metal surfaces or structures.

Reconstruction and restoration

We restore worn or broken metal surfaces according to factory parameters, provide 6 months guarantee

Design works

We provide design services with the SolidWorks program. We can calculate loads, stresses, pressures and other necessary parameters for quality product design preparation




Juozo Montvilos g. 30 Baraginės k.
Marijampolė, LT-69491, Lithuania

Working hours: I-V 8h -17h

 ​+370 ​657 65253
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